Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Year of Running and Racing (2007)

Ok I know it’s a bit late but here it is. A brief summary of my ups and down’s in running. Joining races on other parts of MY and SG, meeting new friends, suffered injury and at the same time making PR in the process.

03/18/2007 KL International Marathon 2007 – My 2nd Marathon after Sing Marathon (Dec 2006), Held at Dataran Merdeka, time 5:04:03

04/22/2007 Power Run 10K – Held at Dataran Merdeka - time 57:24

05/20/2007 New Balance Pacesetters 15K – Held at Padang Merbok, KL - time 1:24:40

06/24/2007 Penang Bridge Marathon – My 3rd M spend the weekend at Penang Island stayed at White House hotel @ Penang Road toured around Georgetown. Start the Marathon at 3am my marathon didn’t turn out so well finished at 5:10:16. I had to make a long walk limping from foot cramps out of the race route going to the service road.

07/01/2007 Ipoh Int'l Run – My best time in Half Marathon so far got a time of 2hr and 4min. stayed overnight at Ipoh. The race was held at Ipoh Greentown.

07/08/2007 Siemens Run 10K – Held at Dataran Merdeka, time 56:34.

07/22/2007 KUL 10K – The worst race I’ve joined actual route is only 7K, Taman Melawati.

08/05/2007 Adidas King of the Road – Half Marathon, Sunway Lagoon, Bandar Sunway.

09/02/2007 NB 12km Run 4 It – 12K, Klang.

09/09/2007 Mizuno Wave Run 10K – 10K PR, Padang Merbok.

11/18/2007 KRI 12km Road Race – 12K PR, Taman Rekreasi, Ipoh.

12/02/2007 Standard Chartered SG Marathon 2007 – My 4th Marathon PR.

Running Mileage 647.6Km (based on logs to buckeyeoutoodoors)

Runs: 61
Avg. Time: 01:08:45
Total Time: 68:45:46
Avg. Speed: 9.3 KMPH
Avg. KM Pace: 6:25
Avg. Dist.: 10.6 KM
Total Dist.: 647.6 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned: 777.7
Total Cal. Burned: 47439

Virtual Running/Training
Meet new friends thru VR
Vr2 - first encounter with injury
World wide Half

Running Shoes
Adidas Trail - expired
Adidas Adizero - expired
NB 1223


  1. hey it's marga of h@ppyfeet. :) you're so lucky to have gone racing abroad! i hope i get to run at least one race abroad this year!

  2. Will you be running any marathons this year?



  3. Hi Marga,

    Thanks :), If you will be running abroad KL or Sg you may want to check this site & go to events calendar. http://www.pacesetters.com.my/

    Hi Kyels,
    Not sure yet If I'll join the 42K in KLIM. Just came back to training again after the holiday vacation in PI :). how about you? d'u want to join the KLIM ? :)

  4. woooow! bench, t'was indeed a year of running to you and can we say of friendship offshore too :-)

    wootwoot! cheers to more runs this year!

  5. nice log of your running activities there, pare... and making friends on the side pa. :)

    hope you have a more fuitful year this 2008, both in running and in making friends.

    keep on running!