Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ADIDAS King of The Road

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." . . . 2 Timothy iv. 7.

Last Sunday it was a so-called divine intervention that made me finish at the Adidas King of the Road.

Runners beginning to pile up

It was a couple of minutes remaining for flag off when I decided to walk straight in the pool for runners, have done some stretching and a little warm up as there are no space left to run around, all are occupied with runners. I’m still hesitant about the condition of my right knee; I just applied a deep heat cream to my legs thinking it might help in one way or another. With some luck I hope the pain won’t strike again.

As I positioned myself near the front I didn’t notice to be near just at the back of the elite runners, had a moment to talk with other runners so that my attention is diverted away from my troubled knee. After a moment we were flag off. I saw the elites are really a fast runner one min. they are here and the next I could barely see them going past the tunnel leading away from us.

The Hard-cores

During the few kilometers I feel like chasing other runners going a bit faster, as I tap my Timex for every road markers I pass. Then suddenly I felt it again the injury didn’t disappear after all. At that time my focus to run was lost and transferred on my injury which led me from fast to slow running. At this point other runner’s have surpassed me 1 by 1. I thought to myself shall I continue and call it another day? I’m afraid I might risk myself of a bigger injury or worse. If it happens then this is the first time I quit on a race. However I decided to run rather than give up since there are times were I can tolerate the pain.

Running along the NPE highway

While having a slow run/walk thinking of the loss from this race (from qualifying time, to setting a new pr and having the finisher’s medal), I reach for my camera to take souvenir pictures of the route, runners & the scenery. It turned out to be a good strategy resting for a couple of seconds taking pictures then run, it somehow alleviate the injury. At this moment the sun already ascends to its beauty, but in a couple of hours will be a runner’s major opponent.

The beauty of the Sun

As I continue to traverse the road I saw the elites already returning towards the finish line. Then suddenly out of nowhere this guy wearing an orange vest has caught my attention. After I read the words on his back it made me feel inspired and motivated. It strikes me and kept it repeating in my mind over & over again. Those words which is simple for anybody but to me being a catholic it is just more than words. The next thing I know I was chasing the guy from afar. After reaching the U-turn I noticed the injury was gone. It feels like some heavenly being from above have been running beside me and healed me.

The Elite Runners returning

Nope It's not Prison Break It's not Wentworth Miller Either

21km. U-Turn

Approaching 1 of the Tollway

Upon reaching 5km. the run was getting too difficult km by km. My heartbeat was already pounding like hell. In addition to the scorching sun which is getting hotter by the minute. Still I kept reciting those words to help me through. I have also gulped my last energy gel to fuel me up. At last I reached the 1 kilometer mark, I stopped and rest by taking picture of the last marker, after a bit of rest I continued to run the remaining meters crossing through the tunnel. Finally I saw the finish line and a lot of people already waiting for the runners it gave me a sign of relief and that moment give my last big exhale & sprint towards the finish line.

1 km. to go

The Finish line "So close yet so far"

I was surprised when I clocked at 1:57:31 they also told me I’ll be receiving a finisher’s medal in spite of the running & walking, I thought maybe there are still a few medals more. After the race I saw again this orange guy in the crowd. His name is Alex, turns out that he’s a half Filipino & Malaysian. I thank him and for his Inspirational shirt. Without it I think it wouldn’t be easy for me to finish the race. Later on I found out that the route was shorter by 1.4km. which explains why I got a new PR. About the the words written on his shirt “Powered by Jesus” ..Yes, my run last Sunday was powered by Jesus. ...Amen.

The Powerful Shirt - "Powered by Jesus"



  1. Mabuhay! :)
    Wowow! That's a great entry. Enjoy reading it. Please take care of your knees, OK?

  2. Hi RWM,

    Terimah Kasih & Sie Sie. yup I think I need to train my legs more,. I feel I have Pinocchio legs :)

  3. great pictures too. did u take pictures while running? i could never do that. i want to, though. there are so many interesting things you can see while on the road!

  4. Hey TRF, wow what a great race! Breaking PR despite an injury...amen to that alright! Congratulations :)

    I was just thinking. Maybe wentworth miller should be in the frontlines of every race. All girls would break PR chasing him. I certainly would.

  5. Hi Keli,

    I just took some pictures while in a complete stop or running slowly. bec. that time I was thinking about my sick knee. so, while resting I took the time in taking some. I really didn't do that If I want to set a new PR. :)

    Hi Jaymie,

    Yeah! that's a good idea. I guess I have to shave my head and wear that shirt. you think it works for me? nah nevermind :).