Thursday, August 23, 2007

VR - 5.0 - (A Virtual Thing)

Last Tuesday I received an invite from Banggi to be her running buddy in our weekly virtual training run, it’s a virtual but she will be here in KL “In the flesh”. That night I received a txt with from her and confirmed to meet at KLCC, good thing her place is just a few steps away from KLCC park.

Exactly 4am my alarm wake me up it didn’t fail me this time even though I slept quite late already, but the thought of meeting a fellow VRunner help me get up faster. I’ve got 30 minutes to prepare which includes eating my already ripping banana and a hot choco my usual routine whenever I have to run.

I texted Banggi while preparing myself to meet her halfway on the run since It will took me 5km. or 30mins to reach her place. 5 mins. before 4:30 I was walking already to my starting point this will be my 1st time to use my designed 5K route from PWTC to KLCC.

"All set to go"

While I was running I’m still thinking if I will do the 10K since it was still my recovery period from Runner’s Knee. But if my knees begin to ache again I’ll have to use my plan B which is to run 5K and walking the other half around the park with Banggi. Well I just hope I reach KLCC in one piece.

I reached KLCC in about 30min. and from there I started to look for her place. After a few min. more I was already standing at her hotel txted her again to inform that I was there but still no reply maybe she’s already dreaming in her deep sleep or that she was too tired because of jetlag. I just txtd her back to let her know that I’ll be in the park taking 3 more laps if she manage to stay awake. I’m beginning to think it was a case of DNS ?

"Now, where is that lady???"

Finally I received a call from her it seems that we are trying to find each other, at this time my right knee is already aching, but thanks to Banggi who decided to walk and chatted with me while doing a few rounds. It is rarely I run or jog with somebody else but today I enjoyed it w/ her plus the stories she shared which most of them are amusing. It was already daybreak when we decide to end our running err walking session I also notice many joggers begin to arrive one by one. Before we parted I thanked her for the nice gifts and went back, again thanks! Banggi especially the YP bracelet I’ll always wear it every time I do my run or race.

"May Yabang na din ako!"

banggi - "rock on!"

"All that is left"

Carboloading courtesy of banggigay, It's been ages since I tasted one of these

...."sarap eh!"

Distance Covered:

KLCC Park -2.6km.

KLCC Park -6.5km.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Runner's Knee

After encountering another episode of knee pain I decided to finally put down running ...…hold it! not totally but for a week.

Yesterday I went to KLCC area to have my long run, however during the 2nd lap I felt it coming again; I intend to disregard it but the pain instead of fading away seems to get worse. Frustrated, I finished 5k limping the remaining meters and went home.

Today, I didn’t go out to take a run I’m still wondering what have caused these to appear. 1 is ok, 2 is fine but 3 times? I decided it’s time to have a rest for a moment it’s sad but true. I know how it feels to be stopping in the passion that you have. I picture it as an addict whose in rehab and suffering from a seizure because of the body’s deprivation to the dope. I just hope I don’t end up like that.

Bothered by this problem I searched the net and finally led me to an answer it’s called Runner’s knee. “The pain associated with runner's knee is usually on the inner or outer border of the kneecap” this is exactly what I felt on my right knee and the pain slowly grows as I continue to run. After learning about this problem came several questions popping inside my mind. Is it lack of training?, the paved roads? or the shoes I’m wearing? I once heard from a trainer in the gym, “If you’re into running you must have strong legs because that’s foundation of our body”. Well from that I think I will have to consider revising my trainings, as these past few weeks I may have neglect to trained my legs which may have caused this injury.

By this time I’m hanging my shoes just for a while and give my knees an ample time to recover. I know it’s difficult but there is a saying “patience is a virtue” and after the yearning comes the reward. So in the meantime while I lay my feet to rest I’ll just focus on strength training particular on the legs but no running. I also managed to visit the pool this afternoon at our unit. It’s been quite some time since I take a big dip in the water and I tell you it feels great!.

The pool connecting the Bistari twin tower

From Running to Swimming "Sarap!"

My Training Summary for the week. (Week 3 to SG Marathon)

Mon. - Rest
Tue. - Rest

Wed. - Threadmill - 10km. / 1hr 10m.
Thu. - Virtual Run 11.2km. / 1hr 12m. 34s.
Fri. - Strength Training

Sat. - KLCC - 5km. / 33m. 10s.
Sun. - Strength Training, Spinning 10km/30m, Swimming 30m.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Running Routes

Some of my running routes courtesy of Google Earth, Finally I have a clearer picture of these routes. From these I have designed 2 new 10K’s (Back & Forth) which I can use to my weekly Vruns.

Curious to how accurate this Google Earth is I searched & measured 2 of my weekend running routes KLCC (1.3Km.) & Lake Gardens (2.3km.) and the results were not disappointing close as 95% accurate. In the meantime while I’m still saving for those distance measuring & HRM device. I guess My Timex will have to stick with me for a very long time.

Weekday Run Route - 400 Meters

Weekday Run Route - 700 Meters

Virtual Running Route - 1 Mile

New Running Route

PWTC - Taman Tasik Perdana - 5km.

PWTC - KLCC - 5Km.

Weekend Running Route

KLCC Park - 1.3km.

Lake Gardens - 2.3km.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Virtual Run 4

My route as seen on Google Earth (1.5-1.6km)

My Splits

Virtual Run

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week 2 to Singapore Marathon

Today, I finally registered for the Annual Singapore Marathon held every 1st week of December. This will be my 4th Marathon and I'm targeting to break my 5hr. finish time from my 3 previous run. My goal this time is around 4h:30 to 4h:45. From the past results I realized I'm not training enough due to skipped trainings bec. of work schedule. I hope this time I'll have enough discipline to complete this 18 weeks training plan from Hal Higdon.

My Training Summary for this week.

Mon. - Rest (RKI)
Tue. - Rest (RKI)
Wed. - Rest (Right Knee Injury)

Thu. - Virtual Run 11km./1hr 8min. + Strength Training

Fri. - Strength Training

Sat. - Easy run - 4.8km. / 29min. Bistari to PWTC: 3laps (1.6km/lap)

Sun. - Long Run - 19.9km. / 2hr. 6min. Lake Gardens: 7laps (2.3km/lap) + 3.8km.

Total Mileage : 36.10km.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Virtual Run 3

Last Thursday was my 2nd Virtual run with fellow running buddies from Manila all the way to the US of A. Eventhough I woke up late I still manage to cover 11km. I already started at 6am. My route is still the same from last week just around from my place. This time I have etimate that each lap is around 1.5 - 1.6km. (really need those running gadget).

First I run slowly for 5 minutes for my warm-up, and to see whether my right knee will cooperate this time. After making my 4th lap I still feel ok, looks like I will be able to complete the 10K today. As I continue my run I was just thinking how the guys are doing in Manila. I hope it didn’t rained back there or that someone got up late so that I still have a virtual partner. Well later on I found out that Ben had done a 2hr Vrun. All in all I finished at 1hr 08min. covering 7 laps.

check out my running route below.

This is where I start in front of my place.

Upon reaching the halfway when I looked right I see the two towers

I stayed at the right tower 26th flr (notice the Petronas in the middle).

After passing the LRT and turning left at the corner will make 1 lap.

Completing a lap is around 1.5 to 1.6km. based on my average timing.

My Splits
10.24 - 1st lap
10.02 - 2nd lap
09.50 - 3rd lap
09.48 - 4th lap
09.34 - 5th lap
09.21 - 6th lap
09.24 - 7th lap
km. covered around 10.5 - 11.2km.

Next week will be anothr episode of our virtual run, I might put this Vrun as part of my weekly training for the upcoming SG Marathon. So see u again guys ciao!

By the way check out other reports from my Virtual Running Buddies

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Virtual Run - Version 3

Come out and join us for our next virtual training run. Runners from across the globe connect and train virtually with each other through the power of 21st century technology. We have had participants from the Philippines and Malaysia going stride for stride with their virtual buddies from San Diego, Orange County, and Seattle.

DATE: 9 August 2007, Thursday (Manila & KL Time)
TIME: 4:30 A.M. (Manila & KL Time)
DISTANCE: 10 km/ 6 miles (or whatever you wish)
RUNNERS/ COURSE: (I’ll update this as more people join up)

Jaymie - Alabang Philippines
Hitme - Quezon City, Philippines
Banggi - Manila, Philippines
Ben - Manila to Makati, Philippines
Renz - Metro Manila, Philippines
Steph - San Diego, USA
Gretchen - Seattle, USA
E-Rod - Newport Beach, USA
TRF - KL, Malaysia

To Manila runners, I hope it doesn't rain over there, but if it does might as well try running through the rain :). I'd like to try the 10K tomorrow but if my knees complain again ill resort to ( whatever you wish hehe ) .

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ADIDAS King of The Road

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." . . . 2 Timothy iv. 7.

Last Sunday it was a so-called divine intervention that made me finish at the Adidas King of the Road.

Runners beginning to pile up

It was a couple of minutes remaining for flag off when I decided to walk straight in the pool for runners, have done some stretching and a little warm up as there are no space left to run around, all are occupied with runners. I’m still hesitant about the condition of my right knee; I just applied a deep heat cream to my legs thinking it might help in one way or another. With some luck I hope the pain won’t strike again.

As I positioned myself near the front I didn’t notice to be near just at the back of the elite runners, had a moment to talk with other runners so that my attention is diverted away from my troubled knee. After a moment we were flag off. I saw the elites are really a fast runner one min. they are here and the next I could barely see them going past the tunnel leading away from us.

The Hard-cores

During the few kilometers I feel like chasing other runners going a bit faster, as I tap my Timex for every road markers I pass. Then suddenly I felt it again the injury didn’t disappear after all. At that time my focus to run was lost and transferred on my injury which led me from fast to slow running. At this point other runner’s have surpassed me 1 by 1. I thought to myself shall I continue and call it another day? I’m afraid I might risk myself of a bigger injury or worse. If it happens then this is the first time I quit on a race. However I decided to run rather than give up since there are times were I can tolerate the pain.

Running along the NPE highway

While having a slow run/walk thinking of the loss from this race (from qualifying time, to setting a new pr and having the finisher’s medal), I reach for my camera to take souvenir pictures of the route, runners & the scenery. It turned out to be a good strategy resting for a couple of seconds taking pictures then run, it somehow alleviate the injury. At this moment the sun already ascends to its beauty, but in a couple of hours will be a runner’s major opponent.

The beauty of the Sun

As I continue to traverse the road I saw the elites already returning towards the finish line. Then suddenly out of nowhere this guy wearing an orange vest has caught my attention. After I read the words on his back it made me feel inspired and motivated. It strikes me and kept it repeating in my mind over & over again. Those words which is simple for anybody but to me being a catholic it is just more than words. The next thing I know I was chasing the guy from afar. After reaching the U-turn I noticed the injury was gone. It feels like some heavenly being from above have been running beside me and healed me.

The Elite Runners returning

Nope It's not Prison Break It's not Wentworth Miller Either

21km. U-Turn

Approaching 1 of the Tollway

Upon reaching 5km. the run was getting too difficult km by km. My heartbeat was already pounding like hell. In addition to the scorching sun which is getting hotter by the minute. Still I kept reciting those words to help me through. I have also gulped my last energy gel to fuel me up. At last I reached the 1 kilometer mark, I stopped and rest by taking picture of the last marker, after a bit of rest I continued to run the remaining meters crossing through the tunnel. Finally I saw the finish line and a lot of people already waiting for the runners it gave me a sign of relief and that moment give my last big exhale & sprint towards the finish line.

1 km. to go

The Finish line "So close yet so far"

I was surprised when I clocked at 1:57:31 they also told me I’ll be receiving a finisher’s medal in spite of the running & walking, I thought maybe there are still a few medals more. After the race I saw again this orange guy in the crowd. His name is Alex, turns out that he’s a half Filipino & Malaysian. I thank him and for his Inspirational shirt. Without it I think it wouldn’t be easy for me to finish the race. Later on I found out that the route was shorter by 1.4km. which explains why I got a new PR. About the the words written on his shirt “Powered by Jesus” ..Yes, my run last Sunday was powered by Jesus. ...Amen.

The Powerful Shirt - "Powered by Jesus"


Saturday, August 4, 2007

KOTR Race Collection @ Sunway Pyramid

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." ...Darrell Royal

I arrive at sunway early this morning to pick up my race kit for tomorrow’s race. It’s the Adidas King of the Road 2007 it will be held at Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya. The start & finishing point is right beside Sunway Pyramid. It’s a shopping mall shaped liked a pyramid & next to it is Sunway Lagoon a theme park with a resort, inside you’ll find man made beaches to unwind yourself. Once inside I Immediately headed to the race collection booth, getting my race things was easy as there are still few people collecting at the place that time. Shortly after I hand over my collection card I was able to get my official Adidas vest. The theme color for this event is yellow.

Runaholic? 4th person to register for the 21km. Men’s open.

KOTR Route Map - A New Route, A New Experience

After getting my race stuff I stayed for a while to tour the place, since it’s my first time to come here. I take some couple of photo shots from the mall’s balcony; from here you can see Sunway Lagoon in full view. I also managed to check the starting point outside Sunway Pyramid there are people already setting up, finally after some touring I decided to head back to my place.

View of Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon from Afar. ahh what a nice view it's nice to soak my legs in one of those beaches after the race tomorrow :) . Although it’s quite tempting to go inside, luckily I manage to control myself hehehe. I heard entrance fee is 40RM (520Php), quite expensive in the pocket. I'm planning to go back here some other time.

While touring I had to stop for a while to have some Carbo-loading for the race tomorrow. ko to!!

Sunway Lagoon

A Lion monument stands on guard outside Sunway Pyramid Mall. This will be start & finish line of the race.

My Race kit

My Adizero - after 2 marathons, 1 21K, 3 10K’s & 1 15K can my shoes still do the job & propel me in the road?

Energy gooeys to power me up along the way. 2 of these should be enough.

My Adidas red vest from KL Int'l Marathon

Instead of wearing the yellow vest above I plan to wear my red Adidas vest . This is also the vest I'm wearing when I got my new PR for half-marathon in Ipoh International Run last July. I finished at 2hr 1min & 20s sort of a lucky vest for me.

All is ready in place. I checked my right knee and hopefully I won’t encounter that injury again from last virtual run. I’m sure it’s going to be a great race tomorrow. I just hope we don’t see any mummies running around to spoil the fun. So see you there!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

vir·tu·al adj.

-Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Used in literary criticism of a text.

To post or not to post? My 1st Virtual run with fellow runners Jamie a.k.a. Thebullrunner.

It was an early morning rather way too early waking up at 4am, seems like waking up at 3am when compared to Manila. At first I was afraid I might be caught by the Malaysian police running the streets in the wee hours of the night. but then again I continued having in mind 'bahala na si batman'. It was a good start for me warming up 3 mins. before the start time. I ran just around my place route distance about 1.3km. per lap. Don't have those gadget thingy so I just do the math. Get my regular pace, the time I have made to complete a lap minus here , divide there and voilĂ !. During the run I was already picking up the pace around 3km when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my right knee. I just rest for a while stretch & walk then run again, but whenever I continue the pain is coming back so eventually I decided to stop. I just made roughly 4km. dissapointed and headed back to my place.

All in all I still enjoy the run inspite of the injury, It's a different running experience running together in harmony across the globe. with all the technology nowadays who would have thought that it was impossible to do. Thanks to the guys who'd made this possible E-rod & hitme from bullrunners blog. This run also serves as a dress rehearsal for me for the upcoming WorldWideHalf, more audience & longer distance. So I'm extending my invite to Jamie & friends & fellow runners out there. Till then I'll be seeing you "Virtually" (minus the injury of course) on the next run.

My time 26min & 53, distance a lame 4km. with a pace of 6:43min/km.