Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run - Sep. 9, 2007

Last Sept. 9, I've got a new 10K PR in the Mizuno Wave Run 2007. Despite having recovered from a knee Injury and having less training due to it. I still manage to clocked at 56min and 04s. My timing Improved from last year's Mizuno Run (Sept. 17, 2006) which I have clocked at 58min & 12s. I remember last year running with 30mins of sleep just after my bday & drinking til 5am. For me this race is the most challenging of all the 10K's that I have raced here in KL, bec. of the Double Hills right after the 5km. It is a very steep uphill times 2, running this route is tough on the legs and it send my heartbeat pounding really hard. To sustain my running and kept motivated I tried to pace this runner and followed him through the finish line.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Merdeka and some running

Today, after almost a week of hibernating from nursing an injury I get a chance to run again this time in the place called Klang, I wake up at 4am to prepare my things bcoz the place is quite far, at that early the train stations are still closed so I went there by cab equipped with a sketched map.

When we reach Klang area I thought the driver already knew the place as I’ve shown him the map, we already asked some locals around but the driver still clueless and just drove around the place at the same time the meter begins to rise which is hurting my wallet every minute. At that moment I started to become impatient and from a hunch told the driver to follow the car what may have been runners inside. At last I reached the place what seem to be 30mins drive became 1 hour and paid the driver costing me around 60bucks (RM).

I arrived at Stadium Sultan Sulaiman inside was a 400m. track oval this was starting point of the race, I still have 1 hr to waste so just take photos of the place have talked to a local who just return from running after several years. After awhile I already deposit my things and went to checked myself inside the oval. Right there I begin my warm up running a few laps & do some serious stretching. By the way I’m also sporting my new patella knee support so I feel confident running this event. Thanks to Rick for some links.

Waiting for the start

It was daylight as the runners mostly apple green (color of the official vest) already piled up and waiting for the start time. As I was taking photos of the crowd I noticed runwitme the blogger runner who runs with his camera, after finally meeting him we are directed to the starting line.

The countdown began and off we go. I started slowly though I really wanted to go fast since I’ve missed running a lot. I think I’ll save it later for the final meters. our running route was not much of a scene we just run on paved roads & on highways. While running I find time to take some photos and at the same time for me to rest. I just want to take it easy since it was a comeback run and I’m still preparing for the SG Marathon. After some run & shoot I reached the water station at 5km. to refuel myself. The water station is also the site of the Klang Pacers Club. Then I continue to run trying to spot some nice places to have some souvenir photos I just pass by an Old Masjid (Mosque) and nothing more. Finally at 1 km remaining I tried to pace other runners to give me some drive to finish. After crossing the finish line I’m glad to have run again received my sweet medal & certificate from that moment I almost forgot to stop my watch. I finished at around 1hr & 6min. later on I met again Runwitme and his friend who gave us a ride back home. Thanks to you guys! :)

Runners running toward the main road

Sultan Sulaiman Mosque - shape more of a spaceship

lots of sweet oranges awaits runners.

My finisher medal & certificate.


With a hang over of Merdeka, last Friday I get a chance to witness a slice of history as Malaysia marks its 50th Independence Day with a theme of Malaysiaku Gemilang “Glory to Malaysia”. The grandest celebration in line with Visit Malaysia 2007, from Thursday evening to Friday morning the celebration was at its fullest. I’ve watched the final celebration with long & colorful parade from people representing different labor force to floats and its military personnel. If the ground is busy with colorful parade so as the skies as some of the fighter jets are doing some awesome air shows.

The eve of Merdeka.

Collage of the colorful parade.

After the parade I went to Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) where the closing ceremonies are taking place. I was greeted mostly of the youth performing over there. Later on I heard the departure of our president GMA I didn’t know that she was there and failed to catch her a photo. So to Malaysia my 2nd home I wish you another 50 years of Hari Medeka.

Collage at Dataran Merdeka, yours truly at the right .

Cheerful malaysians doing some photo sessions with some photographers.

Capturing The Beauty - The "Jalur Gemilang"