Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run - Sep. 9, 2007

Last Sept. 9, I've got a new 10K PR in the Mizuno Wave Run 2007. Despite having recovered from a knee Injury and having less training due to it. I still manage to clocked at 56min and 04s. My timing Improved from last year's Mizuno Run (Sept. 17, 2006) which I have clocked at 58min & 12s. I remember last year running with 30mins of sleep just after my bday & drinking til 5am. For me this race is the most challenging of all the 10K's that I have raced here in KL, bec. of the Double Hills right after the 5km. It is a very steep uphill times 2, running this route is tough on the legs and it send my heartbeat pounding really hard. To sustain my running and kept motivated I tried to pace this runner and followed him through the finish line.


  1. You ran a 10k last year after a night of drinking...whew, once I drink I'm out. Congratulations on the PR, now you have to run even faster next year:)

  2. good timing and great to have finally met you.

  3. wow! conglats, lah! :-) hahaha! we'd run again together very very soon :-)

  4. Good timing and congratulations Kuya!


  5. Ey tokayo! Its good that your back into training already. I might have pushed myself a bit too far this time. I ended up with a swollen calf muscle. Which I need to rest a bit. So I guess the mileage would decrease for me now. And hope to restart training ASAP. Still hoping for a very good Singapore Marathon finish. :)

  6. Rick,
    Yeah but this year no drinking, Thanks.

    Thanks I hope I can join in your training runs one of these days.

    Yup I look forward to run with you again in our next VR. I do hope so our knees is already better that time, tnx! :)

    Hi Kyels,
    Thanks.! :)

    I'm not actually back as you've said running to soon will led only to more injuries, My previous knee injury hasn't left me and just caused me more pain. now I think I have to rest it from 2 to 4 weeks w/o running. I hope I still recover in time for our Sing Marathon. goodluck to us. bro! :)

  7. Hey congrats on the new PR! Finishing the race after an injury and with less training is an achievement in itself. :)

  8. Bench,
    I think it better to swim so that your knee will recover faster.

  9. No matter what you say in your page, you still ended up a winner. Congrats! The medal looks good... hmmm... when can I probably get one for myself?