Thursday, August 23, 2007

VR - 5.0 - (A Virtual Thing)

Last Tuesday I received an invite from Banggi to be her running buddy in our weekly virtual training run, it’s a virtual but she will be here in KL “In the flesh”. That night I received a txt with from her and confirmed to meet at KLCC, good thing her place is just a few steps away from KLCC park.

Exactly 4am my alarm wake me up it didn’t fail me this time even though I slept quite late already, but the thought of meeting a fellow VRunner help me get up faster. I’ve got 30 minutes to prepare which includes eating my already ripping banana and a hot choco my usual routine whenever I have to run.

I texted Banggi while preparing myself to meet her halfway on the run since It will took me 5km. or 30mins to reach her place. 5 mins. before 4:30 I was walking already to my starting point this will be my 1st time to use my designed 5K route from PWTC to KLCC.

"All set to go"

While I was running I’m still thinking if I will do the 10K since it was still my recovery period from Runner’s Knee. But if my knees begin to ache again I’ll have to use my plan B which is to run 5K and walking the other half around the park with Banggi. Well I just hope I reach KLCC in one piece.

I reached KLCC in about 30min. and from there I started to look for her place. After a few min. more I was already standing at her hotel txted her again to inform that I was there but still no reply maybe she’s already dreaming in her deep sleep or that she was too tired because of jetlag. I just txtd her back to let her know that I’ll be in the park taking 3 more laps if she manage to stay awake. I’m beginning to think it was a case of DNS ?

"Now, where is that lady???"

Finally I received a call from her it seems that we are trying to find each other, at this time my right knee is already aching, but thanks to Banggi who decided to walk and chatted with me while doing a few rounds. It is rarely I run or jog with somebody else but today I enjoyed it w/ her plus the stories she shared which most of them are amusing. It was already daybreak when we decide to end our running err walking session I also notice many joggers begin to arrive one by one. Before we parted I thanked her for the nice gifts and went back, again thanks! Banggi especially the YP bracelet I’ll always wear it every time I do my run or race.

"May Yabang na din ako!"

banggi - "rock on!"

"All that is left"

Carboloading courtesy of banggigay, It's been ages since I tasted one of these

...."sarap eh!"

Distance Covered:

KLCC Park -2.6km.

KLCC Park -6.5km.

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  1. banggi's one cool chica. look forward to reading the rest of your report.

  2. Okay ah. Parang teleserye. Hahaha :) Looking forward to reading about your run! Say hi to hyper banggi for me.

  3. ei how mean! my photo looks i'm a kiddo here! but can i complain when you accompanied me in our VR5.0?

  4. somehow banggi has a way of hooking up with the virtual runners and runnning with them "in the flesh," first ben, now you. it's pretty cool you guys hooked up. i love those towers. one of these days i'll get to see them in person.

  5. Woot!

    I'll be waiting to read more about your running!


    Have a happy weekend!

  6. i always thought KL was a nice running place, especially KLCC park. sadly, i never had the chance to run there both times i visited KL. maybe next time... if there is one. :)

    hope you recover soon from your runner's knee.

  7. Kumusta. A Pinoy bracelet and Pinoy snacks, man you made out. Sorry to hear about the knee. A training partner once had that and she had to take a break from running too. Isn't there a strap you can use to alleviate the pain? I battle chronic ITB on my left leg and I too had to do the whole net research thing, exercises, occasional sports physician. A couple of links I found but maybe you already saw these. Good luck.

    About the strap.

    Different straps.