Sunday, August 19, 2007

Runner's Knee

After encountering another episode of knee pain I decided to finally put down running ...…hold it! not totally but for a week.

Yesterday I went to KLCC area to have my long run, however during the 2nd lap I felt it coming again; I intend to disregard it but the pain instead of fading away seems to get worse. Frustrated, I finished 5k limping the remaining meters and went home.

Today, I didn’t go out to take a run I’m still wondering what have caused these to appear. 1 is ok, 2 is fine but 3 times? I decided it’s time to have a rest for a moment it’s sad but true. I know how it feels to be stopping in the passion that you have. I picture it as an addict whose in rehab and suffering from a seizure because of the body’s deprivation to the dope. I just hope I don’t end up like that.

Bothered by this problem I searched the net and finally led me to an answer it’s called Runner’s knee. “The pain associated with runner's knee is usually on the inner or outer border of the kneecap” this is exactly what I felt on my right knee and the pain slowly grows as I continue to run. After learning about this problem came several questions popping inside my mind. Is it lack of training?, the paved roads? or the shoes I’m wearing? I once heard from a trainer in the gym, “If you’re into running you must have strong legs because that’s foundation of our body”. Well from that I think I will have to consider revising my trainings, as these past few weeks I may have neglect to trained my legs which may have caused this injury.

By this time I’m hanging my shoes just for a while and give my knees an ample time to recover. I know it’s difficult but there is a saying “patience is a virtue” and after the yearning comes the reward. So in the meantime while I lay my feet to rest I’ll just focus on strength training particular on the legs but no running. I also managed to visit the pool this afternoon at our unit. It’s been quite some time since I take a big dip in the water and I tell you it feels great!.

The pool connecting the Bistari twin tower

From Running to Swimming "Sarap!"

My Training Summary for the week. (Week 3 to SG Marathon)

Mon. - Rest
Tue. - Rest

Wed. - Threadmill - 10km. / 1hr 10m.
Thu. - Virtual Run 11.2km. / 1hr 12m. 34s.
Fri. - Strength Training

Sat. - KLCC - 5km. / 33m. 10s.
Sun. - Strength Training, Spinning 10km/30m, Swimming 30m.


  1. Wow, you're a runner! Sarap!

    I used to be a runner when I was in high school but lately I haven't been doing so for quite some time.

    By the way, salamat sa pagdaan sa site ko. You're welcome there anytime, all right?

    As for the runner's knee, do take care of it. I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Ingats po!

  2. Hi TRF!
    i'm one of the VRunners and in effect, we've ran together already :)

    anyway, im flying to KL on wednesday and intends to do my VR on thursday. do you have any suggestions on routes, street policies, etc? :)

    or better if we can meet and run together. it's always nice to meet a fellow runaholic outside the 4 corners of manila! :)


  3. Hi Banggi,

    Just always bring ur passport whenever u go out, about the route there are 3 I'll suggest 1 is KLCC, 2 Lake Gardens and 3 from Dataran Merdeka to Jalan Duta Highway. Do u have already a place to stay here? I recommend the Tune hotel its near to my place and u can go around the place easily.

    Sure we can meet & run together :)

  4. Hi Kyels,

    Tnx, nice to know a fellow filipino here in KL :).

  5. trf, sorry to hear about the knee pain. was looking forward to running with you tomorrow.

    do you have soft, dirt trails you can run on in kl? that might help.

    also, when your knee is better, try some weight training that works out the quads. that seemed to help me out.

    sweet pool, btw.

  6. take care with the knee, buddy. rest will definitely help.

  7. Have a good recovery - we missed you at VR5!

  8. e-rod,
    yeah, I think I'll have to research for some trail routes here. thanks.

    caloy & Steph,
    Thanks, I went for the VR5 bec. one of our fellow VR just went to visit here at KL. :)

  9. Ouch! The hardest part of being a runner is not bein able to run. strenghten those knees!

  10. Lonerunner,

    Currently I'm wearing a Patella Knee Support on my right knee. After wearing it the pain is gone just a little discomfort. Yes u're right I think I have to train my legs to make my knees stronger and also to prepare for my next 42 this december.

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