Sunday, November 25, 2007

KRI 12km Road Race - Nov. 18, 2007

Last weekend 17 & 18th of Nov. went to Ipoh for another road race, It’s the annual KRI 12km Road Race.

It’s been my 3rd time coming here I felt Ipoh as a province to me when I’m away from the busy streets of KL. Many old structures can be seen here built during the British occupation hence the name Old Town was given. I get a chance to look around and check the place after getting my race number, some of the things Ipoh is famous for are the white coffee & the Ipoh Chicken Tauge, I also learned from a colleague that the place is also the hometown of actress Michelle Yeoh who later became Dato in recognition of the fame she brought to the state.

Town Hall at Ipoh

Majestic Train station Hotel once a famous hotel at Ipoh

I stayed at Merloon Hotel it’s a cheap 3 star hotel, I like here bcoz the room is nice it’s value for money. The night food hawkers are just outside the hotel and there’s a nearby mall where I enjoyed watching a good movie the night before the Sunday’s race.

Sunday I woke up at 5am, took a hot shower and made some leg stretches. I left the hotel and jog my way going to Taman Rekreasi. It was a few minutes left before start when I arrived; saw runners coming from all directions going towards the starting line. I met also some familiar runners from KL, at exactly 7am we started the race I got a good pacing by having warmed up on my way here.

It’s been 2 months since I had my last race been lay low for sometime, so this race gave an excitement to me plus my knee feels in better shape that time. We ran along the streets and along the road where trees lined up beautiful view at the same time you can feel the cool morning breeze. I reached the 2km mark at 10min 32sec.

As I was approaching the 3km. mark saw this young lady runner and paced her until the 4km. where later on I passed ahead of her. Still my right knee seems fine but my heartbeat and lungs is really working hard, after 5km. we turn from the corner and away from the streets at this time I was expecting to see the water station but come 6km. still no sign of it. I was already getting thirsty as I didn’t bring my water belt that time. Finally I saw it at 7km, grab a cup w/out stopping which gave temporary relief going to 8, 9 & 10km.

By 10km I saw the lady runner again this time she already passed ahead of me. I try to gather speed but all I can do is just stayed 5 meters behind her. I think that’s already her second wind. At 500meters I tried again but I’m already grasping for breath, just a few meters to the finish line I saw and greeted by Tai whom I’ve met during the race no. collection. I finished at 1hr & 47sec. looks like a new PR for 12K and surpassing my 10k PR if this was a 10K race @ 50min and 55sec.

Runners in Q for the after race food and drinks

Met Tai Lee who also works in the same company as mine

Later on I saw the young lady runner she won 2nd place from her category during the prize presentation. I also met some Filipino engineers who ran the race they gave me some food from the race to take home and gave me a lift back to my hotel.

Pinoy Engineers working at Ipoh - "Say Cheese!"

My post race meal - Koey Tiao Mee and Yong Tau Foo on the side

Next stop: My last & big race for the year 2007: Singapore Marathon.


  1. Uy! Masarap!


    Ipoh is an hour away from my hometown; Taiping. Beautiful place, isn't it?

  2. Nice pics man. I noticed the streets are really clean, smooth and wide, was it like that for most of the course? Nice run and even better than you found more Pinoy's after the race. Future training partners?

  3. got 600 n 601 in my me