Friday, November 16, 2007

30KM Pacesetters Practice Run - Nov. 11, 2007

It is less than 3 weeks before my 4th Marathon. I started early at 5am after doing my usual routine. Ate an energy bar and drink some hot chocolate.

The start of the run is 05:30 I started running from my place going to Bukit Aman. I just ran slowly to keep me warmed up, while running I suddenly notice Im not wearing my knee support. I’m already halfway so instead of going back I continue my run no matter what the outcome may be I’ll just complain later.

I reached the place at 05:25, paid the reg. fee and do some light stretching; I noticed many familiar faces mostly from the Pacesetter’s Club. After a while we were flagged off when most of the runners are ready.

The 30K practice run was organized by Pacesetters Club currently the biggest running club in KL, Malaysia, been glad to be a member of this Club as it has many perks to offer aside from discounts to its races.

Our route is the usual 30K designed by the Club.

"Route: Car Park to Hartamas (Petronas Station); turn back to Goverment offices at Jalan Duta; turn around and back to Petronas Station Hartamas, and then the same way back to Bukit Aman car park.

Water Station: One at bus stop, near government offices Jalan Duta; one at Petronas Station."

1st hr. Bukit Aman to Jalan Duta to Sri Hartamas

I’ve reached the first water checkpoint in Jalan Duta around 6 Km. drink 2 cups of endurance drinks. then proceded my run , during this time I felt a slight pain again in my right knee but controllable . therre are 3 uphill climb before reaching the Sri Hartamas the uphills gave my heart & legs an intense workout. I push myself harder going to the top the only problem is when im already going downhill it really send some pain so it made me run slowly and avoiding to break in between. I reached the first turnaround point at Petronas Gas Station in 1hr04:14, made 1 loop around the station (3rd uphill). This is also the 2nd water station have myself 2 cups again then headed back to Jalan Duta.

2nd hr. Sri-Hartamas to Jalan Duta to Sri Hartamas

Upon reaching back to Jalan Duta I drink my 1st energy gel have a couple of endurance drinks and made some stretches, we have to make another 1 loop around Jalan Duta before procedding back to Hartamas. cramps slowly building on my legs plus the pain in my knee for not wearing my patella support which is making me uneasy. Just as I was passing through Hartamas Shopping Center I was greeted by Gin a runner too we had a quick chat along the road. He’s doing his 5th Marathon and his finishing time is also same with mine 5hrs++. So our common goal this SG Marathon is to break the 5 hr barrier. After a moment he slowly ran ahead of me, coz we’re going downhill again I have to slow my pace to avoid hurting the right knee. 2hr08min:20s

3rd hr. Sri-Hartamas to Jalan Duta to Bukit Aman

I did another stretching at the Petronas Gas Station drank some endurance drinks, this is final turning point. I continue my run going to Jalan Duta water station. right now the uphill appears to look more difficult as I try to reach the top I made a few loud exhale breaths.

At last I reached the final water station in Jalan Duta I saw again Gin, after refueling I continue to head back, cramps already build up from my legs down to my feet. At first I was pacing the old couple runners’ auntie and uncle. But slowly they are running away from me until I can no longer see them, I was spotted by a cyclist and saw insult at his face bcoz I cant keep the pace from those old couples who've ran faster than me. Finally I reached Bukit Aman exhausted plus the cramps I finished at 3hr 22min and 8s.

My total 30K Splits

1:04:14 - Bukit Aman to Jalan Duta to Sri Hartamas (2 uphills)
5:57 - loop at Petronas Gas Station Uphill
22:59 – Back to Jalan Duta
29:46 – Back to Sri hartamas (2 uphills)
5:24 - Loop at Petronas Uphill
27.08 - Back to Jalan Duta
46:38 – Back to Bukit Aman

Ave pace: 6.44/km

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Ipoh, Perak to join the Annual KRI - 12km Road Race. My last road race before the Marathon.


  1. Hey TRF, best of luck in your upcoming marathon! I hope your knee gives you a break during the marathon and allows you to run without any worries. Looking forward to reading about it here.

  2. Hi Jaymie,

    Thanks, I've heard you also injured your knee I hope its not that bad, mine is a bit ok now. I think I stressd it too much from all those downhill plus not wearing my patella support.

    For the Marathon I feel more excited as the big day comes. The feeling is different running a marathon and doing it in another country. :)

  3. hey TRF!

    Sorry I can't make it to the Singapore marathon. Still nursing my shin and just doing shorter distances first.

    30km then 12km race..... Aren't you worried at all????? back to back hard bouts.....

    Rest well and goodluck on the 42K!

  4. Hope that knee continues to hold for your marathon. You've been training hard and I hope it all comes together. That cyclist needs to shut his/her trap.

  5. Hi Ben, Rick,

    Thanks right now I'm nursing the knee like a baby, its less than a week hope my tapering and resting will help me finish the Marathon nevermind the PR. I'll just go there and enjoy the run ala LSD :)