Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last few days in KL

Its been a long while since my last blog update. I have been laying low in my running these past month due to an injury. Since the year 2008 until today I only finished 2 races , and the 2nd will probably my last run here in KL before finally I settled back to PI . The 2 races I have where I got some running buddies who also enjoys the passion for running. Below are pics from back to back NB races from Klang and Pacesetters.

Me , Paul and Ian (with Janis not in photo) contingent to the upcoming Sundown Marathon team event

NB Klang Half Marathon held last April 27, 2008 with me doing the 10K category

At the Finish line Padang Sultan Sulaiman with Jason of NB, The Gardens.

Pacesetters NB 15K at the start of the race Padang Merbok , overviewing the KL Tower.

Going down just coming out of Double Hill with The Beautiful Petronas afar.

Paul with Evanna, 5 months Pregnant doing 15K

NB Pacesetters held last May 18, 2008

With "The Cool Guy" Jason again of New Balance The Gardens, Midvalley

Feeling good? ...towards the finish line ..ready for the Sundown Marathon :)

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