Monday, May 26, 2008

5 days til Sundown

I just finished my 5k run around PWTC just a few short runs I need to do as part of the Sundown Marathon this weekend. It was a cool & wet training run as the rain already ended when I started my run. It was not tiring at all compared to some of the days where It was hot & dry night run. I hope this sat. we have a cool and few rainshowers before the race. It's 5 days to go til sundown and already excited to go back and run to singapore again but this time its happening at night. I wonder how my 3 teammates are doing with their own training? I do hope they are doing ok and in good shape come saturday night.


  1. All the best in the marathon!


  2. Hey,

    cool blog!

    train smart, keep on running and there is no finish line

  3. I admire runners, especially long distance ones.. Because my stamina is not good to sustain distance running! :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog though! Happy... :)