Saturday, August 11, 2007

Virtual Run 3

Last Thursday was my 2nd Virtual run with fellow running buddies from Manila all the way to the US of A. Eventhough I woke up late I still manage to cover 11km. I already started at 6am. My route is still the same from last week just around from my place. This time I have etimate that each lap is around 1.5 - 1.6km. (really need those running gadget).

First I run slowly for 5 minutes for my warm-up, and to see whether my right knee will cooperate this time. After making my 4th lap I still feel ok, looks like I will be able to complete the 10K today. As I continue my run I was just thinking how the guys are doing in Manila. I hope it didn’t rained back there or that someone got up late so that I still have a virtual partner. Well later on I found out that Ben had done a 2hr Vrun. All in all I finished at 1hr 08min. covering 7 laps.

check out my running route below.

This is where I start in front of my place.

Upon reaching the halfway when I looked right I see the two towers

I stayed at the right tower 26th flr (notice the Petronas in the middle).

After passing the LRT and turning left at the corner will make 1 lap.

Completing a lap is around 1.5 to 1.6km. based on my average timing.

My Splits
10.24 - 1st lap
10.02 - 2nd lap
09.50 - 3rd lap
09.48 - 4th lap
09.34 - 5th lap
09.21 - 6th lap
09.24 - 7th lap
km. covered around 10.5 - 11.2km.

Next week will be anothr episode of our virtual run, I might put this Vrun as part of my weekly training for the upcoming SG Marathon. So see u again guys ciao!

By the way check out other reports from my Virtual Running Buddies

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