Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week 2 to Singapore Marathon

Today, I finally registered for the Annual Singapore Marathon held every 1st week of December. This will be my 4th Marathon and I'm targeting to break my 5hr. finish time from my 3 previous run. My goal this time is around 4h:30 to 4h:45. From the past results I realized I'm not training enough due to skipped trainings bec. of work schedule. I hope this time I'll have enough discipline to complete this 18 weeks training plan from Hal Higdon.

My Training Summary for this week.

Mon. - Rest (RKI)
Tue. - Rest (RKI)
Wed. - Rest (Right Knee Injury)

Thu. - Virtual Run 11km./1hr 8min. + Strength Training

Fri. - Strength Training

Sat. - Easy run - 4.8km. / 29min. Bistari to PWTC: 3laps (1.6km/lap)

Sun. - Long Run - 19.9km. / 2hr. 6min. Lake Gardens: 7laps (2.3km/lap) + 3.8km.

Total Mileage : 36.10km.

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