Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Unexpected Stranger

I thought it was another ordinary day having my long run, however it turns out that it was rather different when suddenly I met this unexpected stranger in the middle of the road.

As I continue my training for the Adidas KOTR, I started outside my place straight through Sri Hartamas, distance roughly 12kms. including 2kms. of hilly course near the turnaround point. Do a warm up run for about 14mins. reaching Dataran Merdeka (Similar to Quirino Grandstand in the Philippines where usually races are being held). From that point I begin to pick up my pace at 5:30 / km. reaching Jalan Duta highway.

While heading down to Jalan Ibadah near Masjid(Mosque) Wilayah Persekutuan. I suddenly felt water spraying on my shoulder. It was still dark at that time and thought it might be one of those water sprinklers so I ignore it, but to my surprise the water spraying didn't stop and from little sprays it became big drops of water. Before I knew it the rain poured heavily on me, my unexpected stranger.

At first I ran for cover but without any luck I'm already soaking wet inside out. I don't know If rain is considered a runner's enemy, but I knew exactly how I felt in that moment. It made me feel, a totally free man. It also brings back memories back in Manila where as a kid; whenever it rained we would go out and play. The rain completely washed out everything from sweat to a week's rat race. It was such a great experience.

In reaching the turnaround point (Sri Hartamas) I clocked at 1hr & 7mn., then continued to the small loop around the Gas Station at 5min & 40s. It was still raining when I headed back, returning from Sri Hartamas to Jalan Duta and finally to Bukit Aman. having covered 10kms. with a time of 1hr & 4mn. All in all I approximately covered 22.5Km. with a total time of 2hr & 18mn. as my run ended so as the rain.

For now, I feel good and hoping this will be a blessing in disguise for my race next week. If ever the unexpected stranger comes again, I'll be totally prepared for it.

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” …John Updike.

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