Saturday, July 28, 2007

ADIDAS King of The Road - In Training

"to be prepared is half the victory" ...Miguel Cervantes

I wake up early today to have my regular weekend run. Had a last minute change of place to run (KLCC or Lake Gardens), finally I ended running in the KLCC area. I just finished doing 5 laps around 6.5km., 5 laps short of my target which was to finish at least 10 laps. I fall short of my target because of last night from drinking sessions with friends which lasted around 3am. If only this run is not important I would have choose to rest. But in a week’s time it’s already the Adidas King of the Road and I’m planning to aim for the qualifying time of 1hr 45 for Half Marathon. Even if it appears too difficult to achieve I’m still confident to set a new PR. Tomorrow is the continuation of my training, I will be running at Bukit Aman - Sri Hartmas Route. Distance is a bit longer roughly 20kms back & forth. I'm sure there will be a lot of runners training for this event too.

View of Petronas where KLCC Park is located

This weeks training:
Sat: 5laps (1.3km) – KLCC Park
5th lap - 7.20mn.
4th lap - 6.52mn.
3rd lap - 7.02mn.
2nd lap - 7.13mn.
1st lap - 7.43mn.

Thu: 9.0km – 1hr.
Wed: 6.8km – 45mn.
Tue: 4.5km – 30mn. W/ strength training

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